geo-country World / Amérique / Etats-Unis (161 - 180 / 195)

Title Digitized Depositor / contributor Recordist Recording period Code
The Garland encyclopedia of world music, volume 3 : The United States and Canada [disque encarté] Koskoff, Ellen (éd.) 1950 - 2000 CNRSMH_E_2001_022_001
Music archiving in the world : Papers Presented at the Conference on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv [Disque encarté] Berlin, Gabriele et Simon, Artur (contrib.) 1904 - 2002 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001
Shaman, Jhankri and Nele : Music Healers of Indigenous Cultures [disque encarté - copie]
C.A. : Chamo, Jeffrey CNRSMH_E_2003_020_001
Crossroads: Southern Routes : Music of the American South KERTZER,JON; A.SEEGER; A.HOROWITZ CNRSMH_E_2004_008_001
Fiddler on the Move : Exploring the Klezmer world [CD encarté] Slobin, Mark Slobin, Mark 1920 - 1999 CNRSMH_E_2006_003_004
World music : a global journey [2 CD encartés] Miller, Terry E. et Shahriari, Andrew Miller, Terry E. 1961 - 2003 CNRSMH_E_2006_006_005
Alan Lomax, selected writings 1934-1997 [Disque encarté] Cohen, Ronald D. (éd.) Lomax, Alan 1933 - 1989 CNRSMH_E_2006_006_007
Music cultures in the United States : an introduction [Disque encarté] Koskoff, Ellen (ed.) 1949 - 2000 CNRSMH_E_2006_006_011
Four parts, no waiting : a social history of American barbershop harmony [CD encarté] Averill, Gage Averill, Gage et al. 1894 - 1930 CNRSMH_E_2006_008_001
Die Wachszylinder des Berliner Phonogramm-Archivs [Disque encarté]
Ziegler, Susanne Divers 1893 - 1954 CNRSMH_E_2006_010_001
Deep listeners : Music, emotion and trancing [CD encarté] Becker, Judith Becker, Judith CNRSMH_E_2009_003_007
Mighty Sparrow [artiste] / All in the Game [album]
Aurélie Helmlinger (déposant) 1989 CNRSMH_E_2011_005_008
Black Stalin [artiste] / The Bright Side [album]
Aurélie Helmlinger (déposant) 1991 CNRSMH_E_2011_005_010
Victor Brady [artiste] / Classical Soul [album]
Helmlinger, Aurélie (déposant) CNRSMH_E_2011_026_001
Mighty Sparrow [artiste] / Knock Dem Down [album]
Helmlinger, Aurélie (déposant) 1973 CNRSMH_E_2011_026_028
Music in Pacific Island Cultures [Disque encarté] 1988 - 2011 CNRSMH_E_2014_013_001
Jeff Buckley. Live in Chicago [video] EMAD 1995 CNRSMH_E_2014_057_001
Legends of Jazz Drumming - part 2 1950/1970 [video] EMAD 1996 CNRSMH_E_2014_065_001
Louisiana Blues [video] EMAD 1993 CNRSMH_E_2014_077_001
Ray Baretto [video] EMAD 1998 CNRSMH_E_2014_078_001