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Music archiving in the world : Papers Presented at the Conference on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv [Disque encarté]
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Berlin, Gabriele et Simon, Artur (contrib.)
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1904 - 2002
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Afrique du Sud, Allemagne, Carélie du Nord, Ceylan, Estonie, Hongrie, Jamaïque, Jérusalem, Lituanie, Madras, Mali, Nigéria, Oklahoma, Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée, Tunisie, Turquie
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Pawnee, Xhosa

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Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin, Allemagne
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VWB – Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung
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Berlin, Gabriele et Simon, Artur
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Music Archiving in the World : Papers Presented at the Conference on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv / Edited by Gabriele Berlin and Artur Simon. - VWB - Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung : Berlin, 2002. - 1 vol. (520 p.) : couv. ill. en coul., ill. + 1 disque compact.
ISBN 3-86135-681-3.
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This book contains articles by 66 authors who are concerned with the documentation and archival of music and dance. The contributions come from 31 countries from all over the world. In the first section of the book, general recent issues in sound archiving are discussed, such as the significance of archive recordings in modern societies and concepts behind the digitisation of historic sound recordings. The second part gives an insight into the unique qualities of regional and national music archives, not only in industrial metropolises but also in lesser-known places such as Cerreto di Spoleto in the Italian province of Umbria or Port Vila in the South Seas republic of Vanuatu.
The articles were presented as papers at the international conference held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv in September, 2000, in Berlin, Germany. One of the oldest music archives in existence, the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv currently contains the largest collections of music and musical instruments in the world. It was here that the scholarly discipline of comparative musicology, or ethnomusicology, originated about one hundred years ago. Because of its unique collections, the archive has been included in the UNESCO "Memory of the World" Register.


Title Digitized Recordist Location Year of recording Code
Rythmical studies 005 Hornbostel, Erich Moritz von Oklahoma 1906 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_005
Song of the Wedda _01 Ceylan 1907 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_01
the basket vendor _02 Christensen, Dieter Turquie 1965 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_02
the basket vendor _03 Neuhauss, Richard Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée 1908 - 1910 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_03
Wedding dance _07 Nahmias, Avi Tunisie 1929 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_07
Arabic song _08 Nahmias, Avi Jérusalem 1936 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_08
David Dargie et Bartmann _09 Dargie, David ; Bartmann, Manfred Allemagne 1985 - 1993 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_09
Xhosa Music _10 Dargie, David Afrique du Sud 1985 - 1993 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_10
Song by Mai Mallan Kuwuma et Bosoma Sheriff _16 Vogels, Raimund Nigéria 2002 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_16
a traditional version by the Soninke _19 Brandes,Edda Mali 1995 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_19
Traditional dance/music _21 Lewin, Olive et Whylie Marjorie Jamaïque CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_21
Raga Sanmukhapriya et alapana _24 Buonomo, Pia Srinivasan Madras 1985 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_24
Auste Nakienè _26 Slaviunas, Zenonas ; Cetkauskaite, Genovaite Lituanie 1937 - 1978 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_26
Jaam Tamm _44 Tampere, Herbert et Pulst, August Estonie 1936 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_44
Bagpipe song _45 Manga, Janos ; Bartok, Bela ; Lajtha, Laszlo ; Kodaly, Zoltan et Németh, Istvan Hongrie 1937 - 2000 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_45
Bagpipe song _53 Kurkela, Vesa Carélie du Nord 1954 - 1988 CNRSMH_E_2002_025_001_53