geo-country World / Amérique / Etats-Unis (1 - 20 / 195)

Title Digitized Depositor / contributor Recordist Recording period Code
A Peach of a Pair / Maybe It's Love Gus Arnheim and His Orchestra (interprète) ; Leo Reisman and His Orchestra (interprète) 1930 CNRSMH_E_1932_002_006
Betty Co-Ed / Violet ; Friends Rudy Vallée & His Connecticut Yankees (interprète) 1930 CNRSMH_E_1932_002_008
[Etats-Unis : Fox-Trot] CNRSMH_E_1932_005_001
The sheik of Araby / Blue ramble Duke Ellington and his Famous orchestra (interprète) 1932 CNRSMH_E_1932_005_002
A Shine On Your Shoes / Alone Together Leo Reisman And His Orchestra (interprète) 1932 CNRSMH_E_1932_005_003
[Etats-Unis : Fisk university jubilee singers - 2 Disques] CNRSMH_E_1932_006_001
Chants populaires des indiens Yakima Institut de phonétique 1930 CNRSMH_E_1932_006_060
Hopi indian chanters [Accès en ligne] 1926 CNRSMH_E_1933_005_001
[Etats-Unis - Cab Calloway et son orchestre] CNRSMH_E_1933_005_002
My Bluebird's Singing The Blues / Thank Heaven For You Anson Weeks and His Orchestra (interprète) CNRSMH_E_1933_005_003
One Hour With You / Music In The Moonlight Jimmie Grier and the Cocoanut Grove Orchestra (interprète) ; Novis, Donald (chanteur) 1932 CNRSMH_E_1935_001_001
How Am I To Know? / After The Clouds Roll By Arden, Victor (interprète) ; Phil Ohman And Their Orchestra (interprète) ; Henry Busse And His Orchestra (interprète) 1929 CNRSMH_E_1935_001_002
He's Not Worth Your Tears / Would You Like To Take A Walk Ben Selvin and his orchestra (interprète) 1931 CNRSMH_E_1935_001_003
Handful of Keys / Numb Fumblin' Waller, Fats (interprète) 1929 CNRSMH_E_1935_001_004
Dinah / Bugle Call Rag Duke Ellington And His Orchestra (interprète) 1932 CNRSMH_E_1935_001_005
Believe It or Not! (It's Always You) / I Love the Moon Rudy Vallée & His Connecticut Yankees (interprète) 1929 CNRSMH_E_1935_001_006
Swanee Shuffles / Doin' The Voom Voom Duke Ellington And His Orchestra (interprète) 1929 CNRSMH_E_1935_001_007
Three Little Words / Ring Dem Bells Duke Ellington and His Orchestra (interprète) ; The Rhythm Boys (chanteur) 1930 CNRSMH_E_1935_001_008
My Fate Is In Your Hands / All That I'm Asking Is Sympathy Austin, Gene (chanteur) 1929 CNRSMH_E_1935_001_009
Try Getting A Good Night's Sleep / How Am I Doin' Hey, Hey Don Redman and his orchestra (interprète) 1932 CNRSMH_E_1935_001_010