Corpus : Musical Treasures of the Silk Road House

Musical Treasures of the Silk Road House
Produced by Alma Kunanbaeva and Izaly Zemtsovsky. Recorded and mastered by Michael
Cogan, Bay Records. English translations by Scott Bartling. Package design by Sara

All five discs have two logos – that of Silk Road House and that of The Christensen
Fund, whose generous grant made it possible to accomplish this project.
Collections phonographiques de référence en ethnomusicologie

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Site de la Silk Road House
Silk Road House is a non-profit organization created to promote and support an impressive array of diverse ethnic cultural traditions. The main goals of the Silk Road House are:
- to create a center for the collection of pertinent cultural and historical information ;
- to provide a place where creative activities can bring to life the traditions of the Silk Road here in United States ;
- to celebrate the Silk Road's tradition of hospitality ;

Silk Road House symbolizes the connections, communications and bonds between peoples and cultures united by the Silk Road concept, and at the same time, a real network of the modern day contacts between those peoples and cultures. The Silk Road House is a welcoming cultural center where everyone who might be interested could find a wide range of accurate information concerning the history, culture, and everyday life of Silk Road countries.