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Bidas Rustembekov. Kazakh Terme. Sung Poetry of Wisdom
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Silk Road House
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2009 - 2009
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Musical Treasures of the Silk Road House

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Silk Road House, Berkeley, USA
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Musical Treasures of The Silk Road House
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Alma Kunanbaeva
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SRH 001
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Restreint (enregistrement édité)

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Livret du disque (anglais)
Secondary edition
“Musical Treasures of the Silk Road House” (The SRH series at Berkeley, 2013).
Produced by Alma Kunanbaeva and Izaly Zemtsovsky. Recorded and mastered by Michael Cogan, Bay Records. English translations by Scott Bartling. Package design by Sara Glaser.
All five discs have two logos – that of Silk Road House and that of The Christensen Fund, whose generous grant made it possible to accomplish this project :
1. Elmira Janabergenova, Kazakhstan. Songs from the Aral Sea. All 18 texts are translated into English. – 1 compact disc. [CNRSMH_E_2014_033_001]
2. Bidas Rustembekov. Kazakh Terme. Sung Poetry of Wisdom. All 33 texts are translated into English. – 1 compact disc. [CNRSMH_E_2014_034_001]
3. Faik Chelebi, Tar. The Classical Muğam of Azerbaijan in Solo Instrumental Performance. – 1 compact disc with a detailed description in the booklet. Text by Izaly Zemtsovsky. [CNRSMH_E_2014_035_001]
4. The Epic Körughly. The Kazakh version. Performed by Bidas Rustembekov. Introductory article and complete English synopsis by Alma Kunanbaeva. – 2 compact discs in one set. [CNRSMH_E_2014_036_001]
5. An Anthology of Kazakh Epic Songs and Dombra Kyuis (recording) and A Journey to Epic Qyzylorda: Three Kazakh Jyraus (video) – 1 compact disc and 1 video disc in one set. [CNRSMH_E_2014_037_001]

"Bidas Rustembekov, the most oustanding Kazakh epic singer (jyrau) from the Qyzylorda region of South Kazakhstan, performs accompanying himself on the dombra (a plucked longnecked lute).
Amont the songs performed by Bidas, the following short epic genres are represented : didactic songs, called terme [lit. "threading"] ; philosophical reflections, known as tolghau ; "locutions" of prominent storytellers, called söz ; consolations and condolences, called köngil qos ; didecations and eulogies - arnau, madaqtau ; letters (affiliated with the locutions) known as khat."
Extrait, cf. livret du disque.

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