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maddah Soltan-Qalebov. Suite de poèmes
Original title / translation
Malek ol molk la sharika lahu, etc
During, Jean
BADAKHSHAN, bardes religieux (maddah)
Recording date
June 8, 1991 - June 8, 1991
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Sardem. Ghund valley.
Cultural area
Badakhshan Tadjik
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Religieux savant
Author / compositor
poème de Naser Khosrow
Number Composition Vernacular name Interprets
Voix : Duo d'hommes Tawâr Soltan-Qalebov + Saheb-nazar Tawarov
Rabáb Tawâr Soltân-Qâlebov + Sâheb-nazar Tawârov

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6..E.maddah 5.meraj.duo
Published references
Landlord of the kingdom « He has no associate », He is unique, there is no divinity but Him
The lovers offer their spirit and heart to the door of « no divinity but Him »
Mostafâ (Mohammad) during his celestial ascension found his robe, « no divinity…»
If the Sufis desire Paradise, their litany should be « no divinity…»
The eternal and immortal Gardener, His quality is « no divinity…»
His fear casts the jug of curse on Satan, « no divinity…»
[...] Shams from Tabriz, if you are seeking God / Sing beautifully « no divinity…»
(Translation, G. Van den Berg p. 474)
Soltân-Qâlebov was born in 1907. Himself a descendant of hâfez(es), he practiced the liturgical duties of khalife in the religious ceremonies.
He was one of the famous hâfez of his time, because to the Ismâ’ilis, the clerics must be singers and musicians.
His son, Sâheb-nazar (track 3), born in 1935, inherited the position and talent of his ancestors, as well.
They both lived in the Sardem hamlet, over the Ghund valley, at above 2500 meters of altitude.
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