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Chants secrets
Elkin, A. P.
Australia : Arnhem Land Expedition 1949 : Chants and Rituals [12 disques : n°1 à 12]
Recording date
Jan. 1, 1949 - Dec. 31, 1949
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Geographic and cultural informations

Terre d'Arnhem
Location details
Mainoru, Terre d'Arnhem centrale
Population / social group
Ethnographic context
Notes de A. P. Elkin :
"The Maraian of central Arnhem Land. The first third of 9B [Disque 9_Face B] are recordings of secret ritual ; calls to the "shades" by the leaders and rhythmic and imitative noises made by the "actors" can be heard. None of this should be broadcast in Australia. Two-thirds of 9B is a sacred Maraian hymn or psalm chanted by an old Songman on the secret ground."
cf. Australian and New Guinea Musical Records, A. P. Elkin, Oceania, Vol. 27, No. 4 (Jun., 1957), pp. 313-319.

Notes de Jessica de Largy :
"[Marqueur n°1] ANNONCE : Un vieux chanteur de la moitié Yirritja interprètent deux chants secrets. Tout le monde écoute avec attention. La première est saltwater, l'eau salée 'eau de mer)."

Musical informations

Number Composition Vernacular name Interprets
Voix chantée : homme Gunanba

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