Corpus : Global music series collections (2004-2011)

Global music series collections (2004-2011)
Enregistrements sonores accompagnant les Editions "Global music series".
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Title Digitized Description Code
Thinking musically -1e éd. [disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2004_018_001
Music in east Africa [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2004_019_001
Carnival Music In Trinidad [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2004_020_001
Music in Ireland [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2004_021_001
Music in Bulgaria [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2004_022_001
Music in north India [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2004_023_001
Music in south India [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2004_024_001
Music in west Africa [disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2005_019_001
Music in America [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2005_020_001
Music in Bali [disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2005_021_001
Music in Japan [disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2005_022_001
Music in Brazil CNRSMH_E_2006_006_008
Thinking musically -2e éd. [disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2009_005_001
Music in Turkey [CD encarté] CNRSMH_E_2014_001_001
Music in Mainland Southeast Asia : Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2014_003_001
Music in China : experiencing music, expressing culture [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2014_007_001
Mariachi music in America [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2014_011_001
Music in Egypt [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2014_012_001
Music in Pacific Island Cultures [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2014_013_001
Music in the Andes [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2014_014_001
Music in the Hispanic Caribbean [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2014_015_001
Music in Central Java : Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture [Disque encarté] CNRSMH_E_2014_021_001