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Music and Traditions of the Arabian Peninsula : Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar [document encarté. à compléter]
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Résumé: Music and Traditions of the Arabian Peninsula provides a pioneering overview of folk and traditional urban music, along with dance and rituals, of Saudi Arabia and the Upper Gulf States of Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. The nineteen chapters introduce variegated regions and subcultures and their rich and dynamic musical arts, many of which heretofore have been unknown beyond local communities. The book contains insightful descriptions of genres, instruments, poetry, and performance practices of the desert heartland (Najd), the Arabian/Persian Gulf shores, the great western cities including Makkah and Medinah, the southwestern mountains, and the hot Red Sea coast. Musical customs of distinctive groups such as Bedouin, seafarers, and regional women are explored. The book is packaged with an audio CD and almost 200 images including a full color photo essay, numerous music transcriptions, a glossary with over 400 specialized terms, and original Arabic script alongside key words to assist with further research. This book provides a much-needed introduction and organizational structure for the diverse and complex musical arts of the region -- Présentation de l'éditeur.

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Arabie Saoudite, Bahreïn, Koweït, Qatar
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Urkevich, Lisa
Routledge, USA
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Urkevich, Lisa. 2015. Music and Traditions of the Arabian Peninsula: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar, New York: Routledge : 356 p. : cartes, photogr. en noir et en coul. h.-t., partitions musicales, tabl., 1 CD.
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Contenu: 1. Introduction -- Part I. The Najd and Upper Gulf Region -- 2. Bedouin arts -- 3. Bedouin women's music and dance -- 4. Ṭaggāgāt : female drumming bands -- 5. Ḥaḍar arts from the Najd : songs with drums -- 6. Ḥaḍar (Khammāri) arts in the upper gulf -- 7. Gulf wedding practices and songs -- 8. Incoming arts : African and Persian -- 9. Sea music traditions, and Ṣaūt -- Part II. The Hijaz and Southwest Region -- 10. Hijazi folk traditions -- 11. Ṭāʹif and music -- 12. Art music of the Hijazi cities -- 13. Hijazi women and music making -- 14. Distinguished Hijazi artists -- 15. Introduction : southwestern Arabia -- 16. Asīr genres and traditions -- 17. Bīsha and Bāḥa arts -- 18. Jīzān music and dance -- 19. Musical aspect of Najrān -- Appendix: Comments on Contemporary Arts and 'Adani -- Glossary -- Bibliography -- Index.

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