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Skyros carnival [DVD encartés] et Voices of the Bells [Disque encarté]
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Feld, Steven
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Blau, Dick ; Amanatidis, Agapi ; Panopoulos, Panayotis and Feld, Steven.
VoxLox, USA
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Blau, Dick ; Amanatidis, Agapi ; Panopoulos, Panayotis and Feld, Steven.
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Skyros Carnival / photography by Dick Blau ; Essay by Agapi Amanatidis and Panayotis Panopoulos ; audio CD and video by Steven Feld. - [s.l.] VoxLox, 2009. - 1 vol. (88p.) : couv. ill. en coul., photogr. + 1 disque compact et 1 DVD vidéo.
bibliogr. p. 82-84. Index. Annexe. - ISBN : 0-945401-46-9.
Ouvrage consultable à la bibliothèque du CREM, cote : 4.2FEL.

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DVD : Skyros Carnival, 2004 (11’38) Video by Steven Feld, with photographs by Dick Blau, edited by Jeremiah Ra Richards. Glimpses of participants becoming as the staging and performance of carnival is revealed through a dialogue of sounds, still (black and white) and moving (color) images.

CD : Voices of the Bells (32’15). Recordings by Steven Feld, Mixed by Bill Boaz, 4th World Recording Studios, Santa Fe. Carnival bells shape the acoustics of space and time, passing near and far with a mounting excess of repetitions, noise, and density. Three sound essays witness to their capacity to bring out or drown voices and music, creating new forms of sonic intimacy.

1-Inside the Taverna…the social warmth of talking while dining to recordings of familiar island songs is overlapped through window panes by the swelling outdoor processions of the yeri (11’51).

2-Outside the Disco… young people enter or leave with door openings that pump bass-rich hip hop sounds into the swirling bells of mingling yeri Advisory: explicit lyrics (8’50).

3-Thundering Bells…up-close and in the center of the mid-evening action, yeri pass, circle, and jump to ever wilder heights in a figure and ground dance of acoustic intensity (11’32).
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Adeline Montintin, 2013 (stage EBD)
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Skyros carnival
Skyros carnival : présentation par VoxLox
"SKYROS CARNIVAL is the 2nd volume in the VoxLox book series of art/anthropology dialogues. It features sixty color and black and white photographs by Dick Blau, an ethnographic essay by Agapi Amanatidis and Panayotis Panopoulos, and a CD and DVD by Steven Feld. In the book's opening pages, each of the collaborators describes their role and entry point into the project."


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