Collection : Overtone singing : physics and metaphysics of harmonics in East and West [Disque encarté]

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Overtone singing : physics and metaphysics of harmonics in East and West [Disque encarté]
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Trân, Quang Hai (déposant) et Tongeren, Mark C. van (contrib.)
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1993 - 2001
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Afrique du Sud, Altaï, Mongolie, République de Bachkirie, République de Kalmoukie, République de Khakassie, République de Touva
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Tongeren, Mark C. van ; Dargie, David et Shaposhnikov, Maksim
Fusica by Mark van Tongeren, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
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Harmonic series
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Tongeren, Mark C. van
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FUS 001 CD
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Overtone singing : physics and metaphysics of harmonics in East and West / Mark C. van Tongeren. - Amsterdam : Fusica, 2002. - 1vol. (XXIV, 271 p.) : ill. ; 24 cm. + 1 disque compact (digital ; 4 3/4 in.).- ( Harmonic series ; no. 1)
Bibliogr. p. 262-266. Index. - ISBN 90-807163-2-4.
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Trân, Quang Hai
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- Auteur
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Contenu du CD encarté au livre :
1 Tuva. Kara-ool Tumat (with balalaika) - Khöömei, sygyt, kargyraa... 3:48
2 Mogolia. Altai Hangai - Tavan kasag (Five Kazakhs) - song with k... 2:23
3 Altai. Tanyspai Shinzin - Fragment of epic sung with kai techniq... 4:06
4 Khakasia. Slava Kuchenov - Fragment of epic sung with khai 2:51
5 Bashkortostan. Robert Zagritdinov - Uzlyau guttural technique 1:33
6 South Africa. Nowaylethi Mbizweni and Nofirst Lungisa - Duet wit... 1:39
7 Tuva. Kaigal-ool Khovalyg - Kargyraa 1:26
8 Mongolia. Ganzorig Nergui - Khöömii 3:30
9 Tuva. Andrei Opei (with chanzy) - Bazhy Betic (khöömei, sygyt) 3:54
10 Tuva. Andryan Öpei - Khöömei kak basla men (sygyt) 1:21
11 Tuva. Andrei Chuldum-ool - Artii Saayir (sygyt) 3:03
12 Tuva. Mergen Mongush - chilangyt 1:23
13 Tuva. Aldyn-ool Sevek - ezenggileer 1:02
14 Tuva. Aldyn-ool Sevek - khat kargyraa 1:00
15 Mark van Tongeren - Five elementary techniques 1:42
16 Mark van Tongeren - The vowel triad 1:13
17 Mark van Tongeren - Fundamental drone 0:25
18 Mark van Tongeren - Parallel motion 0:22
19 Mark van Tongeren - Harmonic drone 0:22
20 Mark van Tongeren - Contrary motion 0:23
21 Tuva. Artysh Mongush - chilandyk 0:38
22 Tuva. Sildis, Mikhail and Chash-ool - khöömei and sygyt 2:38
23 Kalmukia. Tsagan Zam - fragment of Janggar 3:18
24 Tuva. Möngun-ool Dambashtai - kargyraa 1:44
25 Altai. Arzhan Kezerekov - Imitation of the Shoor, with sygyrtyp 3:28
26 Altai. Raisa Modorova - Blessing song (algysh) with kai techniqu... 3:07
27 South Africa. Nowayilethi Mbizweni - iRobhane sung with umngqolo... 1:03
28 Tuva and the Netherlands. Biosintes and Mark van Tongeren - impr... 5:07
29 Mark van Tongeren - Paraphony 2:47
30 Mark van Tongeren - City Chess 2:41
31 Tuva. Opal Shuluu - Playing the khomus (Jew's harp) 1:50
32 Tuva. Kaigal-ool Khovalyg (on the igil) - Uzun khoyug 5:47
33 Electricity wires in Aryg Bashy 2:26

Total time 71:20

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Adeline Montintin, 2013 (stage EBD)
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July 3, 2013, 12:10 p.m.
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Overtone singing
Présentation en anglais du style/genre overtone singing.
Reume book : "NEW Edition - Overtone Singing, by Mark C. van Tongeren. Contains a full-length music CD and a forward by Tran Quang Hai. Mark van Tongeren, singer, collector of field recordings and ethnomusicologist, provides a fascinating insight into the timeless and universal aspects of sound and vibration. Grounded in a decade long study of Asian music he draws upon various fieldwork experiences, interviews with eastern and western musicians in addition to the work of numerous scholars. In this well documented book you can find, for the very first time, everything concerning overtone singing in the West, from Karlheinz Stockhausen's contemporary music to Jill Purce's healing voice; from electro-acoustic to World and other fusioned music; from renowned western performers such as Michael Vetter and David Hykes to great masters of overtone singing from Tuva, Mongolia and other parts of the world; and from the Pythagorean harmonic system to Om chanting and New Age mantras. This book does justice to this multitude of cultural traditions and to the countless personalities that have contributed to the development of this way of singing. It has interesting and useful things to teach to everyone who is intrigued by the mysteries of sound and music. Written in a non technical style, this book and accompanying CD is an indispensable guide to all musicians and music lovers.
On October 15, 2004, the second revised edition of Overtone Singing was released. Besides small revisions throughout chapters One to Six, a thorough revision of Chapter Seven (Quintessence) marks the new ending of the first comprehensive treatment of this ancient singing technique. The book ships with a 33 track CD.
The music CD contains a survey of different techniques of overtone singing in East and West and forms a complete anthology of Turco-Mongol styles of overtone singing. It does not follow the order of discussion in the text but is thematically arranged. It allows the reader to grasp various aspects of vocal harmonics: examples of regional styles (Tuva, Mongolia, Altai, Khakasia, Bashkortostan, South Africa); styles and techniques in the East (Kargyraa, Khoomii, sygyt, chilangyt, ezengileer, khat kargyraa, technical demonstrations by the author; learners; modern forms; paraphony; instruments with harmonics (Jew's harp, fiddle igil)."


Title Digitized Recordist Location Year of recording Code
CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001 _01 Tongeren, Mark C. van et al. République de Touva 1993 - 2001 CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001_01
CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001 _02 Tongeren, Mark C. van et al. Mongolie 1993 - 2001 CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001_02
CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001 _03 Tongeren, Mark C. van et al. Altaï 1993 - 2001 CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001_03
CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001 _04 Tongeren, Mark C. van et al. République de Khakassie 1993 - 2001 CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001_04
CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001 _05 Tongeren, Mark C. van et al. République de Bachkirie 1993 - 2001 CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001_05
CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001 _06 Tongeren, Mark C. van et al. Afrique du Sud 1993 - 2001 CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001_06
CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001 _23 Tongeren, Mark C. van et al. République de Kalmoukie 1993 - 2001 CNRSMH_E_2002_026_001_23