Collection : Music of Hindu Trinidad : songs from the India diaspora [Disque encarté]

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Music of Hindu Trinidad : songs from the India diaspora [Disque encarté]
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Myers, Helen (contr.)
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1974 - 1991
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Documents encartés (hors collections éditoriales/revues/travaux)

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Inde, Trinidad
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Myers, Helen
University of Chicago Press, USA
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Chicago studies in ethnomusicology
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Myers, Helen
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Music of Hindu Trinidad : songs from the India diaspora / Helen Myers. - Chicago ; London : The University of Chicago press, 1998. – 1 vol. (XXXII-510 p.) : ill., mus ; 24 cm. - 1 disque compact. - (Chicago studies in ethnomusicology).
Extraits de textes bhojpuri en caractères devanagari. - Glossaire p. 427-432. - Bibliogr. et discogr. p. 463-486. Notes on the recordings in book, p. 433-440.. - ISBN 0-226-55453-8 (br.).
Ouvrage consultable à la bibliothèque du CREM, cote 5.1MYE.
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Contenu du disque compact : "Intended to accompany the book Music of Hindu Trinidad : songs from the India diaspora, by Helen Myers, published by the University of Chicago Press," 1998. Sung in Hindi and Bhojpuri by local musicians :

Boliye Raja Ramachandra Ki Jay = Shout victory to King Ramachandra (3:22)
Saraswati Vandana = Prayer to Mother Saraswati (2:42)
Karnival Ka Desh = The country of carnival (2:18)
Tasa drumming (2:58)
Are Nadiya Kinare = On the bank of a river there is a bungalow (2:59)
Sankara Koriya Baharo = Sweep the way, Pandit Rama (1:15)
Leu Na Pandita Rama = Pandit Rama, take a jug of water in your hand (1:06)
Dasa Sakhi = Ten female friends are in front (1:47)
Sajhe Chha Sukawa = In the evening six stars come out (2:16)
Hare Hare Bhaiya = Oh, brother who plays the musical instruments, play (1:04)
Suraiya Gaiya Ke Gobara = Get the dung of a beautiful cow (3:07)
Ai Gaile Dala = The wedding party has come (0:52)
Harihara Basawa = My father has cut green bamboo (1:52)
Lauwa Na Parichho = Brother, welcome the popped rice (1:08)
Baba, Baba = She is calling Father, Father (1:00)
Sajhai = In the evening the clouds come (0:29)
Adhe Talaiya (Number one song) = The male swan is feeding in half of the pond (6:11)
Adheye Talawa (Number one song) = The male cobra is moving in half of the pond (5:16)
Mere Mana Basigayo = In my heart has settled Ram (1:35)
Hey Jagata Pitaa Bhagawaana = Oh, father of the world, give us knowledge (1:20)
Shiva Shambhu Deeno Ki Bandhu = Salutation to Shiva as Shambhu (2:21)
Raama Raama Bhaju Raama = Ram, Ram, worship Ram (2:29)
Bhajale Naama Niranjana Kaa = Sing in praise the name of Niranjana (3:03)
Jai Jagadisha Hare = May the supreme being be ever victorious (three versions, 1:11, 2:26, 2:21)
Ganesh Sharanam = Surrender to Lord Ganesh (1:28)
Aum Bahgawan = Oh Lord, grant me a vision of you (3:13)
Talawa Bharla Saba Naga (Number one song) = Pond full all male cobra and female cobra all (3:44).
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Adeline Montintin, 2013 (stage EBD)
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Oct. 14, 2013, 12:13 p.m.
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