Collection : Musical voices of Asia : report of [Asian Traditional Performing Arts 1978] [Coffret de 3 Disques édités séparément]

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Musical voices of Asia : report of [Asian Traditional Performing Arts 1978] [Coffret de 3 Disques édités séparément]
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The Japan foundation
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A préciser
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1978 - 1978
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Birmanie, Inde, Iran, Japon, Mongolie
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Fujimoto, So et Terao, Toshiaki
Victor Records, Tokyo, Japon
Booklet author
Koizumi, Fumio ; Tokumaru, Yoshihiko et Yamaguchi, Osamu
Publisher reference
SJL-209 // 211
Bibliographic references
Musical voices of Asia : Asian traditional performing arts 1978. - Tokyo, Japan : The Japan foundation, Victor Records, 1979. - 1 vol. (407 p.) + coffret de 3 disques : 33 1/3 rpm, stereo. ; 12 in (SJL-209--SJL-211 JVC) et 1 fascicule en anglais et japonais (32 p.).
Notes: Added title in Japanese on container: Ajia no uta. - Manufacturer’s name from label mounted on disc label and container.
Traditional vocal music with instrumental acc. from Iran, India (Bengal), Burma, Mongolia, Japan ; various performers. - Descriptive notes in English and Japanese with translated texts of the songs (32 p. : ill., ports.) inserted in container. - "Recording of performances held at the National Theater in Tokyo (December 2nd and 3rd, 1978) in conjunction with the second in the series of performances and seminars entitled Asian Traditional Performing Acts [sic] (ATPA) sponsored by the Japan Foundation."
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Restreint (enregistrement édité)

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DI.1979.024.005 // 007
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Achat (crédit Musée de L'Homme)
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- Auteur
Secondary edition
Composition du Coffret de 3 disques :
Disque 1 => Iran et Inde : 8 items.
Disque 2 => Inde et Burma : 10 items.
Disque 3 => Mongolie et Japon : 15 items.
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Monique Desprez, 1990
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Feb. 10, 2014, 11:18 a.m.
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