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Osianda Oriba ; Hwe Mbre Mina
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Aingo, George Williams (interprète) ; Acquaah, Daniel H. (interprète)
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1928 - 1928
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EZ 78
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Zonophone Record : Originally an American company, the Zonophone name was bought by the Gramophone Company in 1903 and they started issuing single-sided 5½", 7", 10" and 12" discs. In 1913, the name was applied to the double-sided records which had been called "Twin" and both names appeared on the label for some years. In 1932, when Columbia & the Gramophone Company were merged to form EMI, Zonophone was once again paired with an existing label and Regal Zonophone was born. This survived until 1948. The name was revivied in the 1960s (by EMI).
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Mode d'acquisition : don de Monsieur Schaeffner. Octobre 1952.
Certains morceaux ont été réédité dans un album intitulé "West african Music in Britain. 1927-1929" :
“Made in London, these recordings were issued originally by the Zonophone record label over three years from late 1927.... -recorded in almost all its major languages. Included here are Wolof, Temni, Yoruba, Vai, Fanti, Hausa, Ga and Twi. The records were recorded and manufactured in London: all of them were sent to West Africa, where few have survived...... not much is known about the artists behind these recordings. We can dig up scraps from Zonophone catalogues, public records, the internet: ....we know the fine lead guitarist with the Kumasi Trio, Kwame Asare (like Ben Simmons) hailed from the town of Saltpond, in Ghana, and later, in the 1940s, he recorded again under the name Jacob Sam for HMV in Ghana — just as Harry Quashie made two records for the company in London the following decade, with Awotwi Paynin And His Ghana Rockers."
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Adeline Montintin, 2013 (CDD Culture)
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Oct. 22, 2013, 10:01 a.m.
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Title Digitized Recordist Location Year of recording Code
Osianda Oriba (traditional) A Ghana 1928 CNRSMH_E_1952_009_002_001
Hwe Mbre Mina (traditional) B Ghana 1928 CNRSMH_E_1952_009_002_002